Why Film?

Over the past few years I’ve come to champion film-making as an activity to engage young people creatively and give them a chance to find their voice in a complex world.  After each project I’ve noted all the benefits that they’ve seen and the subtle changes in attitude and the big gains in skills and confidence.  Does film really reach the parts that other activities merely glance over?

  • smallanFilm offers a range of roles for participants to take on something which suits their character – to perform or to learn technical skills; to produce a stream of ideas or to reflect on the development of a story.
  • They can have great enjoyment through successfully producing the high quality result of the final film, and this can create a word of mouth demand for more people to join a group and take part in similar projects.
  • Using a flexible artform like film allows the young people involved to enter a creative zone where it is safe to explore life issues which are important to them.
  • They are faced with a range of opportunities to explore social interaction, and for some groups these can be the sorts of life-situations which many might take for granted.
  • For these young people, for instance those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) the nature of issues close to them is the same as for any group of young people, but the structure of the activities allowed them to act out the kind of difficulties that are particular to this group.
  • In the Film Cuts Club Learning Support staff noticed that this learning is spread into their other achievements at school, helping them to participate effectively in other lessons and to succeed in subjects such as Personal and Social Health.

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